A better, brighter, cleaner future.

The issue at hand

This is actually something that is very near and dear to my heart. I believe that you have a powerful voice. One of the ways you can be clearly clearly heard is through how you chose to spend your money💰.

Let me ask you this - where is your money at the moment? Your knee-jerk reaction may say ‘oh, it’s in the bank!’, but you money doesn’t live there. I won’t try and get into the complex nature of how banks reinvest and lend your money to recoup… you know what? I’m even bored now.

Cutting to the quick, you money, RIGHT NOW, is currently funding something, it’s not just sitting idle. Do you know what that is? I think you’d be surprised.

Coming to the end of 2020, and out of an incredibly horrific year, let’s make a commitment to ourselves to create a future that we can actually look forward too.

I’m asking you to think over, discuss and act on two crazy simple things.

  1. Switch banks.
  2. Switch super.

Find choices that align with your ethics, your values. Make sure that your money is supporting things you love, creating a future that you want to see.

Ok... but why? 🤷‍♂️

If this year has shown us anything, it's that the climate crisis is just that - a crisis.

We need to become more proactive with our life choices, and need systemic change. This should be realised in a holistic manner - reforming the way we conduct and do business on a global scale, all the way down to our own personal choices; what we eat, how we consume resources and how we recycle and reuse them.

However, I'm not negligent to the fact that we are all very busy. In fact, I'd say this year now more than ever, for some of us at least. So I wanted to help provide two excruciatingly simple things that everyone can do to make a large impact.

Some options, for your convenience…

However, this list by no means exhausts the list of ethical superannuations operating in Australia. Take a look and see if your super operates alongside your values!

And some good reading resources

Disclaimer 🚨

Please note that I am in no way, shape or form a financial advisor. If you have any financial questions about your particular situation, please consult a professional.

Also, I am in no way affiliated, endorsed or paid by the options above. They simply operate with values similar to mine (at the time of writing). Please make sure if you choose to move superannuation and/or bank, they align with your values.